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Thank you to everyone who has allowed their unsolicited letters and emails to Michael to appear below.

“Having twice encountered Michael’s psychic ability and also, perhaps more importantly, his spirituality, I would have no hesitation in giving his details to anyone I encountered who would benefit from speaking with him. Please pass on my thanks to Michael for his call last Friday. As before, his call had a wonderful, calming effect for both me and my husband. Michael’s ability to ‘see’ things that have happened is astounding, but more than that, it is his manner of speaking, of being able to put you at ease through gentleness and humour that leaves a lasting effect. Thanks to you also Michelle for your prompt and efficient replies and friendly manner. No doubt I will be in contact again!” – Mary

“Thank you so much for going the extra mile to have a look at my website. Most importantly, thank you for the continual guidance and mentorship when I need it the most. I appreciate, respect and honour the services you provide and Michelle’s beautiful, supportive energy.” – Catherine

“You were incredibly accurate about so much of my life. I have felt comforted and feel more positive about my future. You are very kind and compassionate.” – Nafisa

“Another one of your predictions came true with a bang a few days ago. Every time something you predicted comes up, I highlight it with a marker. There is now a lot of highlighting on my two readings.In the former, you gave me some information – a gentle but emphatic warning concerning someone and I really didn’t want to hear at the time – but you were so right. OMG. Lol. So right. Telling me where in my mouth were two teeth with dental issues though, and it turning out correct – I thought that was fairly impressive!! Anyway Michael, you do great work and the information you’ve been able to give me in the past has been very helpful to me and much appreciated. I look forward to consulting with you again in the future. Have a very happy year ahead. Thanks again Michael!” – Lena

“I would like to say that in all my years I have not come across anyone who was able to read accurately or pick up on my energy. You did all of that in the first 2 minutes. You have a wonderful gift that I am sure touches many lives and brings peace, comfort and encouragement to all. Thank you for helping me to find the light in my own life and to believe in all that is truly possible when we live within our faith of what “spirit” or as I say “guys upstairs” bring into our lives for us to experience and grow from. Thank you so very much for the cosmic push that I needed to help me to follow my passion in my career.” – Carolyn

“You were very accurate about the key questions that are with me at the moment. Your approach was very empathetic and I am very grateful that I was able to experience your talents ­ thank you for sharing and offering the service to me and others. I am very inspired by your work and that you are truly following and serving others through your gifts ­ my desire for my work and life. It is wonderful to be able to have a conversation with someone who is new to your life and that provided me with insights into my thinking and being.” – Tiffany

“I have been having psychic readings from you for the last 3 years and everytime I have a reading it’s always been precise. You have given me so much love and inspiration in your readings that I always feels on top of the world. Your readings have always given me peace of mind, and at every reading I have with you I always reflect my thoughts back and have the reading guide me to my new direction in life. I thank you, you are truly amazing!” – Marissa

“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and got a huge amount out of it. He is very talented and already I have one friend who wants a reading and I know my sister will want one also. Can you pass on my thanks to him and tell him I will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good reading.” – Tina

“I just wanted to write and thank you for my reading; it was the best I have ever had. It really has given me clarity with my life and what I am doing, and basically everything I have been going over and over with in my head and all my physical/health problems came out… it really just blew my mind! Also there was mention of a ‘funny, young’ friend who passed and I couldn’t think at the time who that might be, but it came to me later that it was a family friend who we were close to growing up. He passed a few years ago, and we moved away from Melbourne and hadn’t seen his wife in many years. My sister had moved back to Melbourne recently and the night after my reading his wife walked into her restaurant for dinner!!!!!!! That confirmed to me who it was. I guess he just wanted to make contact with me. Thank you again, I feel fantastic and such a sense of inner calm after my reading.” – Krystle

“I can’t thank you enough for your reading today! You have helped me with all of my main concerns. I am sure that you get told that you are amazing all the time but amazing is not enough to describe you!!!!! I am definitely going to spread the word around to my friends and purchase your books.” – Cristine

“I just wanted to send a special thank you note to Michael. It was really so amazing to have a psychic reading done a few weeks ago, and it left me with an wonderful sense of clarity, acceptance and peacefulness, yet a feeling of complete motivation too. Over the last few weeks I have been slowly digesting his words, and with a bit of time and thought I am only appreciating them more deeply. There is so much to look forward to, and I feel blessed to be on a wonderful, exciting path in my life. I have since recommended Michael to three friends who have all had appointments and benefited enormously from them. I would recommend him to anybody, as he came across as such a kind, genuine person, and his love is almost tangible. It goes without saying that I was utterly blown away by the accurate and intuitive nature of his reading. It left me with a sense of appreciation and wonderment, and a life affirming sign of another more magic, spiritual and sustaining dimension in this life. Please could you extend my heartfelt thanks to Michael for his time and energy.” – Meredith

“I found my reading not only amazing but Michael has also helped me to grow spiritually and has helped me to focus on the important things in life. I truly appreciate his wisdom and gift at such a hard time in my life. I know I can count on what he has told me will also come to light and I feel like a big cloud has been lifted from me. The only way I can repay him is to leave this feedback for other readers to acknowledge his warm heart and compassion for life. He is truly gifted and one of a kind.” – Annette

“I found my notes the other day from my reading with you three years ago and what can I say but you are a total freak!!! I don’t know how it happened, but at least 95% of what you said to me that day has come true…and in the most unexpected ways. I can’t wait for my next reading with you next week!” – Amy

“I wanted to say how amazing that session with Michael was, I got very emotional! He is so accurate and positive, it made me feel very relieved and happy.” – Eleonore

“Michael was very evidential, I feel blessed to have met him and to have received such an outstanding reading. He projects amazing “light, love, and compassion” and this is why he is on this journey.” – Katrina

“Just wanted to pass on my immense and heart felt thanks for the most accurate, supportive and constructive reading I have ever had – and I’ve had a few! Michael was spot on – in every aspect in the dilemmas of my life. My questions were answered before I even asked them! Whilst the information he gave me was challenging and to the point, I think he has confirmed what I have known, but have been too frightened to admit. Thank you for helping yet another confused soul in this merry-go-round called life!” – Heather

“Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL experience. I feel like he had a conversation with God then told me everything they discussed including my personal dreams. Everything he said was en pointe and he has unbelievable accuracy. I was nervous prior to the reading although I have had other readings before from another woman, but his manner put me at ease and it is obvious he is a special soul with an undeniable gift. I will certainly be referring him to my closest family members and I can see myself contacting him again in my future.” – Kelly

“I have just had my first reading with you today and I cannot thank you enough for giving me the clarity and confidence back that I so desperately needed to get my life back on track. I have been doubting myself for a long time now. Who was I? Where have I been and where am I to go now? You blessed me with the words I so desperately needed to hear, and helped me remember who I am and why I am here…to laugh, love and bring joy and happiness into my life, and those of the loved ones around me. Thank you so much. I was so touched by your reading and insight I hung up the phone and cried in pure relief and joy that it is all going to be better and OK.” – Charlie

“Michael is truly extraordinary, in both his sensitivity and insights. Over the past few years, the consistency of themes and events that have come up is really quite uncanny, and a number of things previously mentioned have come to pass. It is all very reassuring and I thank you for sharing your gift with me.” – Peta

“You are simply an amazing guy with an extraordinary talent. Thank you so much for helping me out today. Now that the reading is over, so many things you said in passing have resounded with me even more strongly and I thank you for being so brave in saying everything you feel. When you described my silver bracelet which was broken (which happened the day before my reading) I knew my girlfriend who recommended you was right!” – Kellie

“I was very nervous about having our talk, but you were great in the way you were able to just talk me through. Thank you for giving me peace of mind and heart with the messages you conveyed. And I truly appreciate the time you gave me. Funnily enough, a comment you made was that there would soon be a change of staff happening around me. Well, first thing this morning our manager faxed her resignation, giving us no notice and made it effective immediately with no hand over. Now that’s what I call seeing the future!” – Dimi

“Apart from being enlightening, there was lots of information in your reading and it was BANG ON! The “Chris” you mentioned wasn’t the person I mentioned to you, but it was the manager of the real estate company I work with; and you were absolutely right about him. Simply AWESOME!! Michael you have a wonderful gift. The clarity of your psychic reading has given me a clearer roadmap of the path that is ahead of me. Even after revisiting my reading repeatedly, I am astounded by the tidbits of detail that are making incredible sense after our reading: why certain things are happening in my life; and what to avoid keeping things running smoothly. I’m still in awe of it all, and everything that was said to me by Michael is incredibly correct.” – RSD

“It was awesome and I feel really good and at peace with myself now. It was the best reading I’ve had and you were very tuned in. You will be hearing from me down the track – it was amazing. ” – Karen

“I would just like to thank you so very much for the advice you gave me last week and today when I spoke to you on the radio. You made me feel so much better and you took away so much of the hurt and pain I was feeling. You are fantastic and I will contact you in the future for a longer reading. Thank-you so much for sharing your wonderful gift.” – Stevie-lee

“It was an exceptionally insightful, accurate and most worthwhile reading. I’ll certainly recommend his work to friends.” – Jan

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for everything you revealed to me. I was in a bit of a hopeless state and the news regarding love, a family and career was so comforting and gave me a renewed hope and excitement for life. Thank you for your beautiful and caring nature that makes you all the more wonderful. Already looking forward to my next reading! I would completely recommend Michael to everyone. I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart – you’ve eased this worry in my heart and mind and I am seeing life in a new light and I cannot thank you enough. Keep doing the wonderful work you do!” – Elaine

“I am writing to tell you how amazed I am after a reading with you back in February. Since then, so much of what you told me has happened and made so much sense. I have had several readings and this has by far been the most accurate. I am just astounded by what you can do and can’t wait for my next reading. You are truly gifted – thank you so much!” – Laura

“As usual he was so accurate and has blown me away. Everything he told me is already happening. What really blew me away was this…he told me I would move into another business and it would be involved in education and would enhance and branch out from my own business. I had done some work for a high school leadership program. Michael told me that this would be a big issue for me and I would be working a lot more with it. Well today they asked me to join them and work with them…I was (I am) gob smacked!” – Deb

“Thank you so much for the reading. It has helped me so much just to keep going. It’s amazing the things you told me that nobody would know about. I have been totally focused on getting this product made and bury my grief sometimes, often making quick decisions and not realizing that people can rip you off. You certainly give value for money but to know Allan’s with me and my grandmothers is great. I won’t make it a habit but I look forward to another reading in the future.” – Rina

“He is amazingly accurate with his vision of my family and circumstances as they are and his insights for the future have given me a really positive outlook. I have recommended him to my friends already, and intend to arrange readings for my daughters.” – Joanne

“I am still really shocked at the reading you gave me yesterday – it just blew my head off. You know you said a Terry will come into my life soon …. well today I got a letter from “Terri” who is the cousin of the girl we sponsor in Papua New Guinea. Wow!!! Also about the man’s watch that I wear, that stunned me. I told Mark about the French car – Peugeot or Citroen and he said he was thinking of buying one on the weekend! I have had a few readings done with other psychics, but you were by far the most accurate. So many things you said, it was just amazing.” – Sally

“Just a quick note to say that the reading has had a great healing effect for me since we spoke and I’ve been able to move on and pick-up myself again in life. I’m totally taken back by the accuracy and detail of the insight you could see on my current life and past. It’s truly an amazing talent you have and you are doing great work.” – Cormac

“I still can’t believe how he picked up on what was happening in my life. He described the people and the events so accurately, and gave me so much hope in what is a particularly difficult time in my life. He is such a beautiful person and you can sense that he genuinely cares.” – Anna

“I must admit that being a Christian I was sceptical of becoming involved but my life needed some guidance and direction. Your accuracy astounded me. I will spend a long time reflecting on your words of wisdom. I feel an astonishing sense of peace after your reading and pray that this peace will stay with me. Michael – you truly have a gift. I know not where it comes from, but can only think it must be by the Grace of God.” – Susan

“The accuracy completely astounded me and you have given me hope and confidence for the future. I admire the work you do.” – Grace

“You really are fantastically gifted and I can’t wait to recommend you to all my friends and family. You were so amazingly in tune! It’s been a long time since I have had a reading from someone who has your ability.” – Anna

“It blew me away! The most accurate Psychic Reading I have had. You gave me peace of mind and clarity on a number of issues and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your gift is profound!” – Aphrodite

“Thanks for the reading you did for my wife Maria. She was very impressed and happy with her reading (and me too). The bigger and little issues you picked up were incredible and as always readings like this give us inspiration, hope and encouragement. Again you touched on similar issues you told me about some months ago with Maria. We have had a number of readings over the years but you are so accurate and the best! We can certainly recommend you to our friends and family.” – Patrick & Maria

“I would like to take this moment to thank Michael for such a wonderful and insightful reading. I felt as though he was sitting right next to me in my home and knew all about my dreams and aspirations. He left me feeling motivated, confident, and by validating my ‘gifts’ he gave me the courage to continue on my quest. I was pleased when he described my home, my two dogs who are with me (and the dog who crossed over that came in to say hello), the status of the water fountains, and the many other small but significant details. He is a true spirit and makes the sitter feel loved and honored. I will recommend him to everyone I know and meet in my life’s work. I feel blessed as if a guide has led me into the light. The path is now clearly visible and I can walk confidently through.” – Naomia

“You put so much in perspective and have given me so much more confidence in the future – my future, my husband’s and my children. What totally blew me away though was the history of my pet rabbit so many many years ago – no one in Brisbane knows that story!! You are a Master of your trade!” – Pam

“Thanks a million for the love, support, absent healings and in particular your superb reading Michael!! Some confirmations from the reading for you: The water flew literally out of my cup across the kitchen. It was as you predicted, incredibly funny!! I also found the toy truck in the garden you mentioned as I was talking to my beloved poddy calf Elvis (a she Elvis). It is a matchbox truck just like I’d always wanted and is from 1976, the year of my female fiancee’s birth. … May my support bring you more people!” – Lisa

“I have had about a dozen psychic readings before but never one with a genuine clairvoyant (all of the others were tarot or astrology readings). Anyway, whatever you do, I know that it works because it all made sense to me (even if it didn’t to you like you said!). I read some of the comments on your website and would like to add to them. I was simply astounded at all the little details you picked up in my reading – many things (such as a blown light globe in my bathroom) have already happened and it’s only a week since you read for me!!! Thanks for the other information too – I look forward to seeing how it all turns out in the next few weeks and months (hopefully like you said!). Everything made perfect sense – especially now that I’ve had time to reflect on it all. I’ll be sure to let you know how things turn out. Please feel free to use this letter if it helps people to be assured that you’re the real thing! Believe me, what this guy can do is AMAZING!” – Steven

“My mediumship reading with Michael on Wednesday evening ran to almost one hour. I wanted to write to thank him again for his kindness, generosity and above all his very special gift which he shares with all of us. Having just lost a close friend under tragic circumstances, I was comforted by the fact that she came through in my reading – it was no coincidence that Michael could tell me so much about her and the circumstances in which she passed away. He was also able to pass on her messages to me, and I was able to get some sort of closure. I feel this reading goes a long way towards my own healing and understanding of the situation and I cannot express my gratitude for the kindness and compassion Michael has shown me.” – Manuela

“Thank you for my reading this morning with STAR104.5FM. I an still reeling with how accurate the information you gave me was and get goosebumps thinking about it. It was nice to know Dad is still around and watching over us all. Again, thank you.” – Peta

“I just had a reading for STAR104.5 and had to tell you that the whole family was soooooo impressed that my late brother-in-law came through even though I only rang to find out about my employment! There was a bit when you mentioned someone with a cigarette behind his ear. That wasn’t him, it was his grandfather whom he used to feel the presence of just before he passed away. Another bit was when you mentioned his name (Anthony) and there is a second one, which is his nephew, but when you mentioned a third Anthony connection that could even be a middle name, it didn’t occur to me that it was in fact my daughter! Her middle name is Aydon that is composed of Anthony (A + Y) in his memory and Donald (Don) in memory of his dada and her grandad. Uncanny!!! Thanks once again Michael.” – Joanna

“Thank you so much for the reading. There was no way you could have known about some of the messages you delivered, it was intimate knowledge and understanding (often unspoken) between two people. Something as strange as “tearing up the bible” was an explicit and profound message that nobody else would have understood except me…it is too difficult to explain easily but it was irrefutable personal communication. I now also understand some of the more subtle messages that came through that I didn’t “get” at the time. Amazing! Thank you so much for being a channel for them and for us.” – Rosanne

“I would just like to say that I was so thankful for the reading yesterday. It has helped me to know that moving forward is okay after the tragic death of my husband. I know that many of my family members were with us during the reading and the details were completely accurate. I felt a weight lift from my shoulders after the reading. I know that you are a gift from God and that the comfort you give to people is a blessing. If only everyone travelling the grief process could speak with you, their grief would be a little bit more bearable. God Bless.” – Rose

“Thank you a million times over for my AMAZING reading last night. I still don’t know how you named my Dad, my brothers, step-sister and even our dogs but you did. With Benny, one of our dogs, you spoke about a good relationship with ‘Brian’ and he is our vet who put Benny down. The messages were spot on and I can’t wait to have this connection again. Even the others in my family are spun out by what came through in my reading. Thanks again Michael and speak to you again.” – Sonia

“I was at your mediumship night last week and just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing messages from my mother. Mum passed on the 23rd of November like you said and was the soul of our family. Mum had cold hands and smoked like a chimney and had a course mouth just as you described. Her left hand was crippled in the last few months of her life like you showed and I know that I should have spoken up more at the time but thank you for all the messages from my Mum. They have meant a lot to my family. Thank you again Michael.” – Katrina

“I would just like to thank you for the reading you gave me on Tuesday. It was the most accurate reading I have had so far. I hope you know how much you help us to understand the afterlife. You brought me closer to my husband who died on the 18 May at the age of 33, you have helped me to come to terms a little more with his passing and by knowing that he is still very much around helps me get through my day. You gave me his name, the date he died and the fact that his birthday was in November, that he was a twin and had a brother who you also were able to name not to mention give his occupation, I have always believed there was an afterlife but when something like this happens you begin to question everything, my husband Anthony was a gorgeous man and you have given me the hope that I will be with him once again.

“We have two sons who when they are old enough to understand a little better (Zac is nearly 3 and Jake is only 11 Months) I will let them listen to the tape I made of your reading as I think this will help them as much as it did me. So once again thank you from the bottom of my heart – your reading lasted 1 hour 30 minutes and even though I am over in England you weren’t bothered in trying to rush anything which tells me just how genuine a person you really are. Anybody who is thinking of having a reading should definitely contact you. If it helps other people the way your reading helped me, you can print this a thousand times! Once again thank you and I hope you continue to help others with your gift.” – Louise

“I wish to thank you very much for the amazing reading I had with you. You are truly gifted and have the wonderful ability to give so much comfort and hope to all those who have lost someone so dearly loved to them. I have had a few readings with other mediums in the past but nothing in the calibre of my reading with you. Again thank you very much and I am recommending you to everyone I know.” – Amanda

“Losing my mum at a relatively young age has been the most tragic and painful experience of my life. When she passed away, I felt I lost my way, I was angry, withdrawn and all the normal emotions one goes through. Regardless of what everyone tells you, their words of comfort, “things will get better”, the physical absence and longing did not get easier, you just learn to cope better. On a spiritual level, I feel my mum’s presence constantly and have had experiences that have made me feel connected to her. Having read several books on the topic, I recently came across Michael Wheeler, who recently did a reading for me.

“It was my first ever reading, so I didn’t have any expectations. After the reading my eyes filled with tears, as I had never before experienced anything like it. Through Michael, I was able to connect with my mother on a very different level. The intimate details he told me, some of which nobody out of our family circle would have known. Other details did not make much sense to me at the time, but after speaking to my father, he confirmed personal details that I did not yet know about. My family and I still cannot stop thinking about what was said and the specific details mentioned were extremely accurate and would only make sense to our immediate family. I understand that grieving is something we all have to go through, but I feel a different sense of peace and tranquility knowing that she is happy and no longer suffering. Michael, you have an amazing gift that you are able to share with others. I now feel connected to my mother on an even deeper level. Thank you Michael” – Elena

“I have wanted to say thanks to Michael for an amazing and powerful mediumship reading.I hope you will pass this note along to him. My reading was nonstop validation with messages from the people I needed to hear from.Michael was extremely generous with his time. There were a few things I missed during the reading, which became quickly obvious to me afterwards. I felt so dumb when I realized them. They were so obvious. At one point during my reading, I asked Michael if my son sent a “Father’s Day card” to me after he passed. Michael said the answer was yes. I asked for some validation, and Michael said “that often comes about five minutes later.” Well,about five minutes later, Michael said he wanted to acknowledge the name James. I could not do anything with that at the time, but that was the validation. Several months after Fathers Day, I had ordered James Van Praagh’s book, Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection, in hopes of making contact with my son. I ordered James’ book through The book came wrapped in news paper which was a Father’s Day advertisement with a picture of a father and son, and the words in very big print, MY DAD, MY HERO. This was in October, several months after Father’s Day. My “Father’s Day card”. I also think running into James Van Praagh in the elevator alone, and his referring me to you, was also in the mix. All very amazing.Thanks again.” – Rick

” Well what can I say my reading was awesome. Michael was warm and friendly and I felt instantly comfortable, which makes a huge difference when your having a reading. He was dead set accurate with everything that came through. Ive told Michael I will become an ongoing client and look forward to many many great readings and contact with my son Jesse and anyone else who comes through with Jess from the other side. Thank you for everything, love and peace to you and Michael.” – Joanne

“You have helped me in more ways than I can ever say and over the past few months, I have begun to heal. The information that you gave to me, which came from my baby boy, was absolutely phenomenal! Every single detail was spot on and correct and the information that you gave me which didn’t make sense at the time, has revealed itself to me over the past couple months and it reconfirms my faith and gratitude to you. I know that I am on this amazing journey and you have been a big part of that…by guiding me to follow my intuition even deeper than I was before. From the bottom of my heart…thank you, for connecting me to my son and for passing on messages from him that have healed my heart.” – Tamara

“It was a surreal experience and one that will stay with me for years. I was staggered that my step fathers late wife came through so crisp and I was amazed at how you described her so accurately. Although I had never met her I had wondered so often over the past few years about whether she would mind me managing her business considering the way I had changed the business. Many other people described her as a ‘loud and brassy American’ who was so dynamic and passionate about her work, when you said ‘this woman is so loud’ I knew it must have been her and especially with the cancer of the breast and the then again later throughout her body. I felt validated that she she said she was so proud of me and the work I had done with her business as no one else would honestly have known how hard I worked and the worries I had for the future of the business.

“I know now that I can ask her for inspiration and I also know that when the time comes it will be ok to move on with my own career and hand over the business to the right person. This had been troubling me recently and I was so amazed that she wanted to let me know that it was ok to do the best I could and then move on. You said I had a photograph/picture of her that was not on the wall as it would be too intimidating and this was true, I actually put a her picture on the business website as a mark of respect (I had forgotten about this when I was with you). The other readings from my old friend who died very recently (only about 6 weeks ago) and my grandfather were also expertly accurate and I feel like they are all watching over me, I have passed on the love they have to all. Thank you so much and I think that what you do is truly remarkable.” – Tina

“The man is absolutely amazing and a true inspiration to me, as I am/ was the biggest skeptic. It is such a joy to have people like him in the world, to bring so much comfort to so many broken hearts. Everything he passed on from my loved one was 100% accurate, there is not a shadow of a doubt that he connected with the Other Side and facilitated the most wonderful communication. This gave me the most amazing comfort and is helping me grieve but has taken away a lot of the heartache of not knowing what is out there after physical death. It has definitely made my loss more bearable and has comfirmed that indeed, love is endless and goes so far beyond our physical limits. By far, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced, so personal, so soothing, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to have the reading at such a time of need for me. Hats off to Michael, indeed, what a wonderful gift to be sharing with the rest of us. Will certainly keep an eye on future events and will contemplate opening up more to the world ‘out there’!” – Mirela

“Wow! What can I say! You absolutely blew me away. I sat there, I couldn’t talk, you must think I’m mute, but I was crying my eyes out. It’s only after I’ve written everything down and read it again and again, it starts to make more and more sense. My Grandma that came into the reading, you said she was about 60, quite young when she passed….well I found out from Mum she was 55. And her having the message for my Aunty May. I do know my Aunty May is down at the moment – she went blind last year – it just happened overnight so it was sudden and traumatic for her. I feel very blessed, not only that I’ve had the opportunity of coming into contact with my late Gran (who I never got the chance to meet) but also that she is still around me when I feel her touch my arm…and my Gran mentioning the recent bandaid, which I’d only put on the day before, and telling me that she comes along when I visit Patricia at the retirement village…there’s just so much proof….and of course I feel doubly blessed that you’ve come into my life and brought us together. You have given me so much hope and happiness. I can’t thank you enough. You have such a gift that is incredibly special.” – Sally

“I want to thank you so much for your reading yesterday and to let you know that you brought peace and an intense sense of well being to me. Your reading was incredibly accurate and I gained enormously from the experience. You are so gifted. Thank you for sharing it. I don’t think words can express the impact you/ the experience made. I do know that it is a memory I will always carry with me and hold dearly.” – Marie-Claude

“Thank you a million times over for my AMAZING reading last night. I still don’t know how you named my Dad, my brothers, step-sister and even our dogs but you did. With Benny, one of our dogs, you spoke about a good relationship with ‘Brian’ and he is our vet who put Benny down. The messages were spot on and I can’t wait to have this connection again. Even the others in my family are spun out by what came through in my reading.” – Sonia

“Thank you again for another exceptional reading from Michael. Michael was able to facilitate communication from my beloved mother who provided me with support and comfort during a difficult time in my life.” – Melauree

“Somehow, in just an hour or so he has turned my life around – and that of my family. We now have comfort in the knowledge that my Mum is still with us, still loving us and that she hears everything we say. If only we had found Michael and known about spiritual healing before it was too late, maybe she’d still be with us today.” – Pam

“He really is wonderful and truly has a gift from God. He not only helped me today but my sister and others that he mentioned in the reading I didn’t quite get it, but when I spoke to a person who it pertained to it was unbelievable. What he said was so true. I told a couple of my friends that were skeptical about psychic mediums and now they are not after what I told them and now are so very much interested in Michael. He really has a great gift!! Thank you so much and please tell Michael he has helped me a great deal in believing that I will one day see my loved ones again. I hope again one day I will have the opportunity to have another reading with Michael.” – Francine

“He was able to reach the love of my life who I lost some years ago and the messages from her were so uplifting and put my mind at rest in many areas. He brought me in touch with the girl I loved so much and I have suffered so much with her loss and desperately wanted to be able to know certain things…and he provided the answers. Although the loss is still hard to cope with I now have a greater sense of peace and many of the questions I had have now been answered. It will not be the last time I have a reading with him.” – John

“For quite a long time I have wished to have a good reading with a medium. I felt yours was truly impressive and I think my husband must have found your web address for me. After receiving the messages from my husband, I feel much content and find life is more meaningful. Michael has an incredible gift for which I am very grateful. I look forward to having more readings with Michael in the future.” – Thuy

“I had an amazing reading from Michael, who totally shocked me with the level of detail, my dead parents and some of my direct family. He actually mentioned my twin sisters and named them, spot on. Michael’s message was quite harrowing for me as I’ve lost a few people (both parents and a very, very close friend). I’m not going to say here what I was told from the other side as it’s between me and the spirit world, but believe me, it was incredible. Michael’s brutal honesty about my health was an eye opener, but I needed to hear it. God bless Michael, my father’s message to you about your Dad from beyond was amazing.” – David

“I am totally and utterly gob-smacked at his accuracy and ability to communicate with my loved ones who have passed over. He definitely is “the real deal”. The names, dates and details that he relayed to me were spot on. If you are in two minds about whether to book a reading with Michael, don’t hesitate. You will not regret it! Thank you once again for sharing your ability Michael – you truly are a very gifted psychic medium.” – Tammy

“It has helped me to know that moving forward is okay after the tragic death of my husband. I know that many of my family members were with us during the reading and the details were completely accurate. I felt a weight lift from my shoulders after the reading. I know that you are a gift from God and that the comfort you give to people is a blessing. If only everyone travelling the grief process could speak with you, their grief would be a little bit more bearable.” – Rose

“Having lost my father suddenly 6 months ago, the life of myself, my children and my family has been a rollercoaster of emotion. I have blamed myself for leaving my father alone just before he passed, but Michael confirmed that he did not want me to see that and that he still visits my girls of a night. The reading gave me the peace I needed to continue on with life without blaming myself and I know my dad is always with me. You knew things that only my dad could have known and also things that I was not aware of, that have been validated by other family members. Michael, thank you for your truly wonderful gift.” – Kim

“Thank you Michael. You have made a difference to my life with that reading. I was in unbearable pain, which I am now trying to see in a different way. Knowing that my husband is with me and waiting for me has made a lot of difference. And you’ve said some things that only I knew, so I feel at peace that it is real.” – Debra

“I wanted to thank Michael again for his gift, he is wonderful. The reading I had with him on the 2nd of August was once again unbelievable and so reassuring. I am so happy to know that my Mum is watching over me so much and that she can hear everything I tell her. I don’t know how to thank Michael for letting us being in touch again.” – Eleonore

“This was my second mediumship reading with Michael and I still can’t comprehend the accuracy and truthfulness of what he had to say. Michael is truly gifted and his honesty is amazing. I believe that everything that happens is meant to happen and I think encountering Michael was part of my destiny. What Michael had to say has brought joy and peace to my family and me. We lost family that we treasured and loved and it is good to know that all is okay. The many messages and assurances were something that I needed to know and hear and it is helping me deal with what’s happening in my life now.” – Ashna

“The information you gave me has not only helped me to realise the importance of my journey but also I FINALLY got the confirmation I have needed for the past 3 years that my late father is with me in spirit. You were exact in all aspects regarding my life and my dad.You have made my heart happy. Having been a medium most of my life I have to say I have told everyone I know to have a reading with you because I believe you are a true medium!” – Katy

“I would like to thank you for all kindness shown. I had a mediumship reading last Sunday and will be eternally grateful to you for connecting me with my sister. I so needed to be with her again and through you I was able to. I thank God you have your special gift and make it available to us. So many of the things you said were right on and a few which I couldn’t connect at the time have also been accurate. But most of all I thank you for the opportunity to again spend time with my sister. I will never be able to thank you enough.” – Terry

“The information that I received provided great clarity and validation of the communication that I have been already receiving from my loved ones on the other side. Michael was professional, gracious and is a truly gifted medium. The information was extremely accurate and almost everything that I heard made complete sense to me. Perhaps the greatest gift of all was that Michael was able to convey to me the personalities and character traits of those whom I have lost. It is a great comfort to know that my beloved mother and sister are together and happy and are watching over my children and me. I have recommended Michael to all of my friends and relatives.” – Melauree

“I just had to write and tell you what a pure miracle you are and what complete happiness you brought into my life yesterday during the mediumship reading. You are truly amazing and the only person that has ever come through with the degree of accuracy to astound me and my family. Everything you said related to my twin brother, whom you even named, who died six months ago and to get him finally coming through with such force has left me on a high that I will never come down off. The reading was only supposed to be around 20 mins long but you carried on for one and a half hours…of pure music to my ears…this is virtually unheard of! I have just spent a small fortune, phoning around my family, who are all in England to relay the messages. You have brought many tears of joy and happiness but most of all hope and for this I am eternally grateful.” – Michele

“This being my first reading of any kind, I could be described as a skeptic. However I was absolutely blown away with the reading. I didn’t know what to expect, but any hopes I did have, fell far short of what you delivered. Truly amazing, you have changed many of my beliefs. And I shall think differently about many things in my life from now on. I cannot express enough, the peace of mind this has given me.” – Gary

“I wish to thank you very much for the amazing reading I had with you the other week. You are truly gifted and have the wonderful ability to give so much comfort and hope to all those who have lost someone so dearly loved to them. I have had a few readings with other mediums in the past but nothing in the calibre of my reading with you. Again thank you very much and I am recommending you to everyone I know.” – Amanda

“The evidence and validations you gave me were outstanding. It was an experience I will never forget. As a developing and hopeful student of mediumship myself you have given me a level to aspire to. I cannot thankyou enough for my mediumship reading, it is great to be dealing with a genuine psychic medium. Thankyou for having an easy going personality and energy which I believe are two attributes of a genuine medium. I thank you for your advice dealing with my own abilities as well as connecting with my loved ones. I know you truly love what you do and I think what you’re doing is amazing.” – Darren

“I want to say a huge thankyou to Michael for his indeed accurate and very insightful reading. I was not surprised at all when my loved ones came through for me, as my reading basically confirmed everything I knew which I am extremely grateful for. The thing I am most grateful for is that my friend sitting next to me at the time had her son come through for her and it was amazing to be part of such a beautiful moment.” – Kristy

“There is no doubt in my mind that you are genuine and driven by the human element rather that the material, as unfortunately others can be. I’m sure all of my absent loved ones thank you as much as I do for bringing us together, for your reassurance and validation and for giving life such a deeper and more sincere meaning.” – Alexandra

“We are left in no doubt that our son came through loud and clear to us last week. My husband was sceptical to begin with but when you said that a young boy called David was there in spirit we were stunned. … It is so comforting to know that he is still alive even though he’s in another place. I felt this already but to have the reassurance from a complete stranger like yourself has meant so much to us both, particularly to Sean – he still can’t get over what happened over the phone that night. It doesn’t take our tragedy away from us but it helps us to cope with the day to day things knowing that our little Davie is still around us.You have a most wonderful gift Michael – please keep using it to help people like you’ve helped us.” – Margaret and Sean

“Today’s reading stopped me in my tracks. You picked up that my late brother Gary had suicided but what gave me the proof that you really were speaking with him was when you said he likes my tattoo of a feather. I had only recently got a tattoo of a feather in memory of him. Then you said he was with a dog starting with ‘B’. My mother’s dog Bully had just recently been put down which has caused her so much heartache but then you said he has all the ‘B’ dogs with him – there was also Butch and Blocker! You said he had my bird as well who recently died. You mentioned the guitar and Ireland. Gary played the guitar and Dad is Irish.” – Deb

“He was so in-tune and spot on with what has happened and is currently happening in my life. What an amazing talent. The mediumship reading was truly special to me as he was in touch with my Mum whom I miss every waking moment. Michael has given me the reassurance that I needed that my darling beautiful Mum is always around me.” – Marilyn

“Thank you so much, I can’t explain how wonderful the reading was! Michael Wheeler picked up and was ‘spot on’ with all sorts of things that I did not mention to him about my cat Michellina and her relationship with my daughter. Michael Wheeler is quite an amazing man, I am very grateful for this reading, and thank you for choosing me.” – Peta (courtesy of NEW IDEA)

“I can’t tell you how delighted I was to open my New Idea and to see Sachi looking at me!! Michael was extremely accurate – he was spot on with all the other dogs I have had. Yes, it is very comforting to know that my Sachi is in a good place with my other dogs.” – Liz (courtesy of NEW IDEA)

“I adopted Simmi and didn’t know much about her past. Michael described Simmi down to a tee and helped me understand some things about her behaviour I already suspected, but it was reassuring to have Michael confirm them. He also described every pet I have ever had in my life, including the blind black cat my family had when I was a baby! It was an amazing experience.” – Zoe

“Thank you so much for the message from Jena – it is very helpful.   Can you please pass on my many thanks to Michael.   It has been nearly a year since Jen passed and I still miss her very much.   I was crying so much when I was reading the message I had to read it twice – I will keep it always. Again – Thank you so much.” – Julie (courtesy of NEW IDEA)

“Thank You Michael. I feel a sense of comfort and I must say Michael was spot on in his reading. Michael, please continue readings as you are really helping families cope with the loss of their beloved pets and giving us comfort and joy to know they are okay.” – Carole (courtesy of NEW IDEA)

“I was so overcome emotionally during the reading. I wept as if Jolie had left yesterday and, although there is still a huge empty space in my life without her, I’m comforted by the knowledge that she is still nearby. Two of our other pets, Mr Waggs and Goldie, have gone ahead of her and I have caught a glimpse of her at the window, a place she loved to sit and look out at the traffic.” – Lillian

“I was amazing at the details Michael picked up, such as Nina’s foot injury an her passing away in my arms, wrapped in a blanket. We all sing to Ruby, and she adores posing for photos! She gives me so much love. It’s really helped me get over losing Nina.” – Sandra

“I am blown away with my reading. I have a photo of Bella that I talk to and kiss every night before bed. She was very close as you said to Jackson (the German Shepherd) who passed six years ago, so I’m very happy they are together. I have also been going through photos of her and found the one you described. It always makes me laugh: it’s of her sitting in front of the Christmas tree – she looks so happy! Bella is not only missed by me but her younger brother Toby. This reading brought me to tears, but happy tears at that.” – Ally

“I felt deep sadness after Anna passed but your reading has been a great comfort to me. I was even able to share it with my family, who also found it very comforting. Thank you Michael. “ – Pat

“This reading certainly has comforted me. You were right when you said Caully is not a princess but a Queen!” – Diana

“I write with tears in my eyes as this reading is so very accurate. I feel him always around me and talk to him all the time. I’m so happy he is socialising and getting to know all the family and pets who have passed. Thank you so very much.” – Theresa

“I want to thank you Michael from the bottom of my heart for the healing provided to me. I have improved a lot and I am now content with my life. I am energetic, and I have found a full time job. I am eternally grateful for your assistance, and I want you to let you know that I feel the change. Thank You! God Bless the universe for a soul like yours.” – Sonia

“A few weeks ago I emailed you on a Thursday afternoon to request healing for my husband suffering from Pulmonary Fibrosis. I didn’t mention it to him as he is somewhat of a sceptic. Imagine my surprise on Friday, the very next day, when he mentioned he was feeling a little better. He has a very long way to go but this is the first time he has mentioned improvement. Thank you so very much for your prayers and thoughts.” – Joanne

“Last September I requested healing for my son. He is 34 and was having chest pains. He could not get to see a cardiologist for 2 months. His father died at 36 of a heart attack. In November/ December Thomas had an ECG, Angiogram, blood tests, stress tests etc. All tests were completely normal. I wanted to say thank you so much for your prayers. I truly believe the healing you send can touch anyone, anywhere. I know it touched my precious son. To hear my son tell me there were no irregularities and no abnormalities in his heart was the best Christmas present I have ever received. I really have no words that can fully express my gratitude to you. God Bless you as you do his work.” – Sharon

“I would like to thank you for your silent healing prayer for my Multiple Sclerosis. For the first time in 1 year my feelings in my feet and legs have returned 50%. May God bless you.” – Monica

“For the first time in five years I had my best nights sleep. I thought it was the new drugs, but now, I believe it to be the prayers. I could walk without pain and move with ease. Thank you.” – Marama

“Last Wednesday, I requested for spiritual healing from Michael for my wife whose finger joints were aching. Last Friday as she finished work and was walking towards the car park, she felt a sudden pain in her right forefinger (which was the worst-affected one). This lasted for about a minute. At that time she did not connect it at all to the healing.

“The following day we both went to have a massage, and she requested as usual to have her fingers massaged to ease her discomfort. I observed her closely because I know that the previous week she cringed in pain as soon as the massage started. This time there was no adverse reaction at all. Again she did not connect the fact that she was not feeling any pain to the spiritual healing – until later when I reminded her that I have requested for the healing. It was the only time she realized that her fingers were actually feeling much better.

“Today, Sunday, when we woke up in the morning the first thing she said was: “Michael is really good!”. So I asked her how she was doing and she said her fingers were feeling even better than the previous day. She’s now thinking that she might cancel the acupuncture that she has scheduled later in the week. Please extend to Michael our thanks for this wonderful gift that he has given my wife.” – Willie