Renowned Australian Medium, Author and Spiritual Teacher Michael Wheeler came to prominence when Channel 7 featured Michael in the hit television show THE ONE. Michael Wheeler is the Resident Medium for STAR104.5FM and is a Regular Columnist and Resident Pet Psychic for NEW IDEA magazine. Michael Wheeler is also the youngest medium in the world to be officially recommended by pioneering International Medium James Van Praagh.

Michael’s astounding accuracy, the respect of his peers and the testimonials Michael regularly receives confirm the unique nature of his gentle gift and the demand for his rare ability, compassion and insight leads him to work with people throughout the world.



Psychic Oranges is the organisation founded to serve the extraordinary psychic abilities of renowned Australian medium Michael Wheeler. At the age of seven, Michael had a premonition that his life would dramatically change when he turned 26 – and it did. Several months after his 26th birthday he met Robert Goode, the Australian clairvoyant and musician who became the mentor to Michael’s psychic development.

Michael’s latent psychic abilities rose to the surface one day when he received a strong vision of Robert peeling oranges at that very moment. Keen to dismiss the sensations of orange zest in his nose and orange juice on his hands as complete nonsense, Michael rang Robert Goode to question him. Robert excitedly replied, “You don’t know what you’ve just done – you’ve got it! I’ve been cutting up oranges just now and my hands are drenched in orange juice!”.

From this simple but formulative moment of psychic transfer, Michael’s abilities developed at a rapid rate. Within three months he was giving Psychic Readings to help others find the purpose of their life, providing insightful relationship advice and counselling, discerning health problems, correctly predicting the job situations and new work directions for his clients, accurately describing the local and international places his clients would visit, as well as when they would meet their soul mate and how it would most likely happen.



Increasingly in his readings Michael began to connect with the energy of his clients’ spouses, partners, family, friends and even pets who had passed into the Spirit world. Michael started to convey specific evidence and messages of comfort from those in the Spirit world to demonstrate that death has not in any way harmed them. Michael’s rare ability to communicate with the Other Side illuminates the fact that when the physical body passes away, the energy of our loved ones safely lives on in the Spirit world which surrounds us and vibrates at a higher energy level than the physical world.And so began Michael Wheeler’s work as a psychic medium, a life’s mission to provide comfort to those who have lost loved ones from the physical world and to assist them in their personal healing journey. Michael soon realised that his gift was for the purpose of serving others so that they may have the chance to peacefully reconnect with their loved ones in the Spirit world and


At the same time as Michael’s mediumistic abilities developed, he became involved with spiritual healing, the ancient practice whereby healing energy is psychically sent from the healer to the afflicted person. Spiritual healing is made possible by a strong empathy between the healer and the patient.Newcomers to spiritual healing are often surprised to learn that spiritual healing is not constrained by geographical distance. Much of Michael’s healing work is performed in a deep meditational state in which the patient’s disease is brought to his mind where healing is sought for the affliction. This process is known as absent healing as the patient does not need to be physically present with Michael when healing is sought for the illness. The success rate of spiritual healing has been repeatedly reported to exceed 80% and the results are most spectacular when a full recovery is granted to patients who have been told by medical practitioners that there is nothing else that can be done to treat the illness.Spiritual healing is a gift of love from the evolved spirit helpers on the Other Side and is available to all who seek this divine energy to assist with the healing of illness. Spiritual healing works with teachers, guides and healers in the spirit world who selflessly devote themselves to helping those on Earth with illnesses of the body and mind. Spiritual healing operates independently of any personal beliefs or creed held by the patient; rather, it is often successful in spite of any skepticism on the patient’s part.Spiritual healing is always recommended as a complementary treatment to conventional Western medicine and is not to be taken as a substitute for it. No illness is too small to be treated by spiritual healing; and even cataracts have been successfully ‘dissolved’ over several weeks through spiritual healing alone. If you know of someone who could benefit from spiritual healing from Michael and his healing team please submit a Healing Request Form to join the healing list.