How can I prepare for my Psychic Reading?

The best way to prepare is to book a time when you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone around you. Turn off the radio and television and get a notepad and pen. Sit quietly and focus yourself in order to have an OPEN MIND for the reading. Take notes as the information comes through in the reading and don’t wait for something you are specifically wanting to hear: a reading with Michael gives you the ultimate truth of a situation which will lead to greater comfort and insight about your personal issues. Try to be open to receiving all of the information about your life and write everything down. Tiny everyday psychic events will be given to you in the reading (such as details about your home) as well as the bigger issues you’re waiting to hear about. There is plenty of time during your Psychic Reading to ask the pressing questions or issues you desire clarity on.

What is the difference between a Psychic Reading and a Mediumship Reading?

Psychic Readings provide psychically obtained information about your relationships, career, travelling plans and more. This information is linked to the blueprint of your life and is contained in the energy of your aura. Psychic Readings relate specifically to your past, present and future.

Mediumship Readings are about connecting with the people closest to you who have passed into the Spirit world. The information in a Mediumship Reading comes from the people in Spirit, and the purpose of this information is to confirm for you that your loved ones do live on in Spirit and that their souls are very much alive. Mediumship Readings are usually sought by people who are grieving the loss of a loved one, whereas Psychic Readings provide the client with detailed information about themself and their future. It is necessary to specify the type of reading you would like as Michael attunes his psychic energy differently for Psychic and Mediumship Readings.

How can I prepare for my Mediumship Reading?

Preparing for a Mediumship Reading is similar to preparing for a Psychic Reading: have an OPEN MIND to what comes through for you from the Other Side. Remember that anyone can come through who is connected to you, your family and your friends. It is important to let the Spirits who naturally appear during your reading convey their messages to you, rather than impatiently wait for a desired message – if only Spirit communication was that simple! So again get relaxed and quiet, take out a pad and pen and take note of all of the information that comes through from those connected to you in the Spirit world – there will be plenty of time to digest it all later. Also remember that your loved ones do not communicate from the Other Side just to talk about your life today on Earth: their lives do continue in the Spirit world even though they often watch over us in times of need and celebration.
It helps to have a good grasp of your family history when having a Mediumship Reading as the person who comes through first may reference their life on Earth by stating where they lived, to whom they were connected, or perhaps give the cause of their passing. Mediumship is always an experimental exercise with those in the afterlife, and remember that the mediumship process is controlled by those in the Spirit world, not by the medium.

How can I prepare for my Pet Reading?

The best way to prepare is to book a time when you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone around you. Turn off the radio and television and get a notepad and pen. Sit quietly and focus on the questions you’d most like to ask about your pet’s health and wellbeing. If you are wanting to connect with your pet who has passed into the spirit world, think of the questions you’d like to ask your pet during your reading.
Your pet does not have to be physically present with you during your reading to ask them questions. Please take notes as the psychic information comes through in your reading as some of it will be of practical use after your Pet Reading. Please aim to be open to receiving all of the information about your pet’s life, and there is plenty of time during your Pet Reading to ask your pressing questions and issues you seek clarity on.
Just before Michael phones you for your Pet Reading he attunes his psychic energy with the pets connected to your life, and as soon as your Pet Reading begins you may ask Michael your questions about your beloved little friend’s life.

How is it possible to do a reading for me over the telephone?

Your personal energy is all that is needed to have a reading – you don’t even need to be physically present with Michael at the time of your reading because your energy is naturally picked-up by his psychic awareness. Tarot cards, crystal balls and other tools are dispensed with because Michael is a natural psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, and he picks up information about you without the assistance of outside tools.
When you have a Mediumship Reading with Michael he raises his psychic awareness to connect with the energy of your loved ones in Spirit (who lower their energy at the same time). The two energies blend halfway and this facilitates the process of mediumship and Spirit communication. Don’t worry that your loved ones wouldn’t know how to do any of this – that’s where Spirit guides come in to make the communication process possible.

How often should I have a Psychic Reading?

An excellent Psychic Reading should give you enough insight and direction for at least the next six to twelve months. That said, some people like to have Psychic Readings more often in order to gain knowledge and insight on a range of topics. Even though Michael gives you a clear idea of your life blueprint during your Psychic Reading, fresh information and more detail does come through with each successive reading.

What proof is there for Spiritual Healing?

The proof is in the simple fact that each year spiritual healers enable thousands of people who have lived with chronic illness to resume a healthy and happy life once again. Often this comes at a time when conventional medicine can offer no more assistance to the patient, particularly in the case of cancer.
In 2002 Michael heard about a lady with five brain tumours. As she had been undergoing intensive chemotherapy for some years, she could not receive any further treatment. She was referred to Michael and absent healing was sought for her condition. Several months later at her next check-up the specialist expected the cancer to have spread, but the first scan showed that there were no tumours in her brain. They ordered a second scan, believing the first to be a mistake, but it also revealed that the cancerous tumours had been destroyed. To this day she still lives without cancer. The proof of spiritual healing is in the results – and this is only one of the many success stories of spiritual healing. It is a gift for all to receive and it is provided by Michael and his healing team at free of charge.

What proof is there for Mediumship?

The proof for mediumship lies solely in the evidence that the spirits convey to you through Michael in your Mediumship Reading. Validations are given in the specific information that comes through from the Spirit world to Michael which often reveals how the spirit passed away, where they lived and travelled, what sort of work they did here, what their personality is like and many more detailed pieces of information which validate for you that they are speaking with Michael during your reading and continue to watch over your life on Earth. Nothing harmful ever happens in a Mediumship Reading: your loved ones in the Spirit world simply communicate their thoughts to Michael who passes them on to you.

What is the waiting period for a reading with Michael?

Our office receives many requests for readings each week, and Request Forms are processed in the order in which they are received. Michael is a full-time psychic medium and the waiting list for a reading usually varies from one to two weeks, depending on the volume of requests we are processing at the time of your booking. 

What are the implications of psychic phenomena?

The reality of clairvoyance means that we are much more closely connected to each other than we might at first think. The fact that a clairvoyant can ‘tune in’ to another person across the world – whom they have never met – and relay accurate details about their life and circumstances signifies the fact that we each make up an essential part of the whole of humanity. The ultimate implication of psychic phenomena is that we need to value and love one another as much as possible, for each of us is profoundly connected to every other human being. These bonds of love continue through to the Spirit world too, where our loved ones are only a thought and a prayer away.