A Pet Reading gives you the chance to find out more about why your pet is behaving in a certain way, to ask any questions you have about their health and wellbeing, or to simply find out what your pet wants to say on a particular subject.

Cats, dogs, birds, horses, snakes, fish…it doesn’t matter what type of pet you have. Any animal is capable of sending thoughts to communicate back to you and put your mind at ease. Pet Readings are particularly useful if you are concerned about your pet and wish to hear their own perspective on an issue – and as we all know, our friends in the animal kingdom certainly have personalities of their own which are able to communicate very clearly what it is they want to say.

Pets and other animals have always been more psychic than humans: they are more instinctive, more loving, more giving and more attuned to caring for their own kind. Communicating by projecting their thoughts comes naturally to them; and a Pet Reading puts you in direct contact with your pet’s point of view. Your pet does not have to be physically present with you at the time of your reading – it is their soul and mind which links with you in your Pet Reading.

As a medium Michael regularly communicates with the spirits of animals who have passed over and relays their messages to their owners and friends. If you are grieving for your beloved little one who has passed into the spirit world, a Pet Reading can also provide reassurance of their ongoing survival and offer you signs which show they are doing well and even visit you from time to time.

AUD$180 – Phone Reading within Australia


All readings are at present given by Michael over the phone, allowing you to receive your reading in the comfort and privacy of your home or office. When your request is received, we will contact you to offer the next available appointment time and provide payment instructions. At the time of your phone reading, Michael will phone you on the number you provide and your reading will begin immediately.

• At this time Michael is only giving Pet Readings (20-30 minutes) over the phone in order to accommodate the number of requests we receive every week.

At present there is a minimum 2 week waiting list.

AUD$190 – Landline Phone in USA, UK, NZ, Ireland
AUD$210 – Mobile/Cell Phone in USA, UK, NZ, Ireland


Michael gives phone readings every week for people outside Australia. Please note that international readings are charged at a slightly higher rate than those within Australia to reflect the international phone call charge.

Rates for Phone Readings to all other countries vary and we will advise you of rates after we receive your booking request. 


To book your own Pet Reading with Michael please fill in the form below.

We will then contact you to arrange a convenient time for your reading with Michael.


Speaker Phones are not permitted during readings and only one person can be present for each phone reading.

Full Payment is required at the time of booking. Credit card payment is processed over the phone when your appointment is booked. Thank you!