Spiritual healing is provided free of charge by Michael to all who need healing for the body and mind.

Spiritual healing knows no barriers and frequently may be observed to most greatly benefit those for whom conventional medical treatment can offer no more. 

Many diseases in the physical body manifest due to an imbalance in the emotional or spiritual body which surrounds the denser physical body. Spiritual healing works with the body\’s energy system to correct these imbalances and blockages at the emotional level, and in time the healing energy enters the physical body for healing to continue.  Cancers, tumours, severe arthritis, infertility, curvature of the spine, blindness, drug addiction and diseases of the mind are only some of the conditions for which spiritual healing often brings about a recovery. 

The cause of the illness must first be removed: if the disease has manifested as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, the negative daily habits (such as smoking) need to be improved for any healing energy to have a positive and lasting effect. Where the cause of the disease is unknown, the most important factor in the patient\’s recovery is the cultivation of hope on a daily basis. The patient should affirm to themself each day that they are getting stronger through the process of spiritual healing. The belief that the mind controls the body (and not vice versa) must be instilled and strengthened in the patient on a regular basis through the power of positive thinking.


Spiritual healing takes two forms: contact healing and absent healing. Contact healing is where the patient is brought to the healer, and with the laying on of the healer’s hands, healing is sought from evolved spirit helpers on the Other Side. Patients who have struggled to get up the front steps of the healing sanctuary have been known to walk away unassisted after the healing session. Although the healing process usually works more gradually than in these cases, nothing should be underestimated in the process of spiritual healing – countless ‘incurable’ conditions have been healed through spiritual healing alone. 

Contact healing may be sought for all afflictions with the exception of contagious diseases: absent healing should always be employed to treat viruses and contagious illnesses. The patient should come with an open mind to the process of spiritual healing (that is, not expecting an instant miracle) and a desire to be healed. The healer and the spirit healing guides work together to facilitate the healing process. The process itself is extremely simple yet it is the manner in which it is carried out which enables the healing to begin: the deep empathy between the healer and the patient is crucial to the healing energy being transmitted. All healing is performed in the spirit of total love for humankind and balance within the universe.


The second form of spiritual healing is known as absent healing. The same mental process is used by the healer but the patient is not physically present with the healer at the time of the healing session. The process begins with the healer being told of the person and their affliction. The healer activates the healing process by entering a meditative state and brings these details to mind. After a short time the healer becomes aware of the healing energy from the spirit helpers coming in around him or her and this energy is then directed to the patient. This process may last just a few minutes or the energy may continue to flow through the healer for an hour or more – it is in the care of the spirit helpers who use the healer as a medium to channel the energy to the person in need. Once the healing process has been activated it usually continues until the patient’s condition is greatly improved. In the cases of some terminally ill patients who have sought spiritual healing for their relentless discomfort, they have often reported that their pain has been greatly eased and their mind has become calmer as a result of the healing. 

Healing always begins in the mind of the patient through their desire to be made well, not in the hands of medical practitioners and healers who help to facilitate the healing process. Spiritual healing works independently of the patient’s personal spiritual beliefs and religious denomination, but the benefits of a positive outlook and a belief that healing is taking place cannot be underestimated. Spiritual healing is a gift for all who seek divine mercy to restore imbalances in the body and mind.


Michael facilitates healing for you and your loved ones free of charge.

It is not intended to replace medical advice and treatment and it works most successfully when the two disciplines are combined with a positive outlook from the patient, regardless of the severity of the condition. 

To register for absent healing with Michael and his Healing Team, please complete a Request Form below. Within 48 hours healing will be sought for the condition presented. We are always eager to hear of your improvement so please feel encouraged to email us about your progress.