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    Spirit Accepts Their Passing

    When we first lose someone from this world we can’t help but focus on the grief, the heartache, the sickness and the pain, the unknown factors around their passing, whether we could have done more to help them, what their … Read more

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    What Really Matters to Spirit

    It doesn’t ultimately matter whether our loved ones were buried or cremated, whether we often get to visit their place of rememberance or not, whether everything is ‘perfect’ around their memorial or even if everyone in the family is getting … Read more

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    Continue Talking To Spirit

    Sending loving thoughts to our loved ones on the other side is as simple as sending a text message to someone. Say what you wish to say to them and know it is immediately received by your loved ones in … Read more

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    Sending Love To Your Loved Ones

    To communicate with your loved ones who have passed into the world of Spirit, you need do nothing more than to simply send them your loving thoughts and say what you most wish to say to them in the quietness … Read more