A Mediumship Reading, puts you in contact once again with your loved ones who have passed into the Spirit world. True mediumship demonstrates that we survive our physical passing as we journey into the Spirit world, and it confirms that our loved ones who have gone before us have made the transition into Spirit and continue to surround our lives today.

Mediumship is demonstrated by the specific evidence and messages that come through from loved ones who have made the transition to the Other Side.

Michael Wheeler constantly astonishes clients and audiences with his ability to communicate accurate details from those in Spirit including names, dates, descriptions of passing, physical attributes, personal habits and other specific information from the communicators on the Other Side.

Michael tunes into the Spirit world and communicates with the people there using clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing) and clairsentience (clear-feeling). This means that Michael literally sees, hears and feels the people in Spirit as soon as he tunes into the Spirit world; and he has connected with those in Spirit every single time he has invited them to come closer to communicate from beyond the grave.

Michael doesn’t disturb or summon spirits, he discerns them, for your loved ones in Spirit are often around you. Nothing strange happens in a Mediumship Reading: it is a simple process in which Michael passes on the thoughts from those close to you in the Spirit world by psychically plugging into their energy. It is the people in Spirit who choose to come forward to speak with you through Michael during your reading.

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AUD$300 – Phone Reading within Australia


All readings are at present given by Michael over the phone, allowing you to receive your reading in the comfort and privacy of your home or office. When your request is received, we will contact you to offer the next available appointment time and provide payment instructions. At the time of your phone reading, Michael will phone you on the number you provide and your reading will begin immediately.

You are guaranteed that your Mediumship Reading will last for 45 minutes, although a very persistent Spirit will sometimes communicate for longer to reconnect with a loved one here and relay their messages of comfort, hope and love. Of course, there is no extra charge for this time – the energy of the communication is always controlled from the Other Side.

AUD$310 – Landline Phone in USA, UK, NZ, Ireland
AUD$320 – Mobile/Cell Phone to USA, UK, NZ, Ireland


Michael gives phone readings every week for people outside Australia. Please note that international readings are charged at a slightly higher rate than those within Australia to reflect the international phone call charge.

Rates for Phone Readings to all other countries vary and we will advise you of rates after we receive your booking request. 


To book your own Mediumship Reading in order to connect with those close to you in the Spirit world, please fill in the form below.

We will then contact you to arrange a convenient time for your reading with Michael.


• Speaker Phones are not permitted during readings and only one person can be present for each phone reading.

Full Payment is required at the time of booking. Credit card payment is processed over the phone when your appointment is booked.