Please note there are no right or wrong answers to the following questions.

Please answer honestly and to the best of your ability. Thank you!

What does the concept of mediumship mean to you?

Why do you wish to be a medium and what qualities do you believe a medium should share with others?

Who inspires you in your journey as a person and as a spiritual medium? Please explain why they inspire you.

Please outline the relevant courses and study, if any, you have undertaken so far:

What do you believe constitutes strong mediumship?

What do you most hope to achieve in your mediumship and spiritual development at this time?

Are you at the moment - or have you in the past been - a working medium? Please provide details:

Please share any books, articles or websites which particularly inspire you as a medium:

Have you experienced a reading, course or workshop with Michael Wheeler? If so, please explain how it affected your life:

What inspires you most at this time in your life and your spiritual journey?

What frustrates you most at this time in your life and your spiritual journey?

What has attracted you to this Psychic and Mediumship Mentor Programme?

Thank you for your genuine responses.

We will be in contact shortly regarding the outcome of your involvement in the 2017 Psychic and Mediumship Mentor Programme with Michael Wheeler.