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What Really Matters to Spirit

It doesn’t ultimately matter whether our loved ones were buried or cremated, whether we often get to visit their place of rememberance or not, whether everything is ‘perfect’ around their memorial or even if everyone in the family is getting along. What really matters is that we continue to speak and communicate with those we love so very much, who have left this physical dimension and to know, deep within our hearts, despite all the odds, doubts and fears, that they are still with us in our lives today and they adore hearing our little kindnesses, sincere thoughts and love we send through to them. And why wouldn’t they? Sending love to them through our thoughts helps them and it helps us too. It is a natural thing to do and it’s true: love makes the world go around, in this world and the next. Blessings to you and your loved ones wherever you are and wishing you many positive connections with your loved ones in Spirit. In fact, they are with you right now.