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Spirit Accepts Their Passing

When we first lose someone from this world we can’t help but focus on the grief, the heartache, the sickness and the pain, the unknown factors around their passing, whether we could have done more to help them, what their last thoughts and experiences could have been while they were here, what they could possibly be thinking and going through right now, whether they are alright and even where they are at this very moment…and the list goes on and on. But all they ultimately ask of us is to keep talking to them and to stay true to ourselves as our lives continue here.

Our loved ones are restored to their true selves in spirit and are more complete and at peace within themselves than we are in our daily lives today. They want us to know that they accept the circumstances of what happened to them and they send their rainbows of love to us to help us on our ongoing journey in this world. They are safe and fine, they walk with us as we journey ahead, as we continue and complete our own life here in this world. They smile upon us for they know they are alive once again on the other side and that we will all be together once again in the fullness of time. They know that life is ultimately good and they connect with us through their love and thoughts to help us on our earthly days ahead. We are all one, on this side of the veil and the next. Blessings to you and yours and wishing you many beautiful connections with your loved ones in spirit in the days, months and times ahead. Mxx