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“Mediumship is a beautiful experience which allows us to stay in communication with our family and friends once they have passed on. It’s very important to keep an open mind during a reading and not to come to it expecting to only hear from a particular person or to receive a certain message. Frequently those closest to us do communicate during the reading, but the Spirits that must come through most urgently, will. Sometimes they even use you, the sitter, as a messenger for passing on a message to someone they know.

“The communication between the person on the Other Side and you is made possible by transmitting messages through my mind. I feel sensations about how the person passed over. Sometimes they give me names or dates or addresses or relay quirky details that connect them to you and all the people they know. In fact, they will use any means they can to let you know that it is them communicating with you.

“Please keep an open mind to the process of mediumship and please write everything down that comes through in your session. Some of the messages will make even more sense to you and your family when reflecting on them after your reading. Those in Spirit often speak in so many layers of meaning that it is often impossible for the sitter to grasp the true significance of all the messages when they first come through.

“You will always receive the reading that’s meant for you – and if you come to your reading with an open mind and leave any preconceptions behind, you’ll benefit greatly from the process of mediumship. Those who come to a reading feeling hostile and expecting a certain message do not help the process in any way. Remember, anyone you know or who is in your family that has passed on can come through in your reading, and sometimes your notes will enable you to make some of the links in the days, weeks and even months after your reading.

“Please be grateful for whatever messages do come through from those in the Spirit world. They do everything they can to speak to you again and I do everything I possibly can to bring through the messages and details as clearly as possible from those close to you in Spirit.

“I never ask people to supply any details in a reading – all I ask is that you work with me to validate the information I am given with an occasional “yes” or “no” as I convey the messages that show that the souls of your loved ones live on and watch over your life today. The aims of mediumship are to prove that our loved ones still surround us, and to reveal to each of us on Earth that we will survive our physical death because the life of our soul, our energy essence, is eternal.” 

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“Psychic Readings are most helpful when you are going through a period of change and growth in your life. During the Psychic Reading I raise my mental vibration to blend with your aura, which is your personal energy containing information about your entire life journey; your past, present and future. Information pours out with accuracy about your relationships, work situation, health matters, personal strengths, living conditions, emotional and inner spiritual life – in fact, every aspect of your daily life.

“During your Psychic Reading I tune into these aspects of your life journey as well as your specific issues and current situations. Accurate detail comes through about your current situation and insights manifest about your future directions in life. You do not need to supply information about your present circumstances as many of these topics are covered during the Psychic Reading. There is also plenty of time as the reading progresses to ask any additional questions you may have which have not been covered by the psychic channeling of your life information at the start of your reading.

“Psychic Readings provide a wealth of information about your current circumstances and your future. A Psychic Reading is a very positive experience and is about reconnecting with your true self and empowering you for your life and soul journey.”

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“Pet Readings are helpful when you are seeking clarity about your beloved friend, their behaviour, their feelings and emotional life. A Pet Reading can also be used when you wish to connect with a pet who has passed on. Animals communicate with a combination of thought, feeling and telepathy. By raising my awareness to a higher vibration of thought I link with your pet and can sense what it is to be in their world. Information about their past, health, emotions and feelings, likes and dislikes and awareness of their home environment and other animals and people in their life is often provided by your pets so you can understand and communicate with them in a closer way.

“Animal communication through your Pet Readings allow your energy to connect with the thoughts, feelings and emotions of your pets – whether they are still by your side in this world or now close by you in the spirit world. Our animals are emotional in nature and feel the love, care and support you give them and continue to hear your thoughts once they have passed into the spirit world around us.”

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