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Healing From The Other Side

Love continues forever and ever. The love you were given as a baby, as a young child, as a developing person will always be with you, even beyond the barrier of physical death. The love you have received your entire life is always with you, stored deep inside your soul bank, and all that love you have given to everyone while you have been on this earth has gone completely into them forever too, and they will take your love with you when they leave this place in their own time and in their own way. Their love is always with you, your love is always with them.


Love does indeed last forever…When you love someone, care for them and show your kindness to them you are planting a seed in their soul which will grow forever. Love continues forever and we must never underestimate how much love we have already stored up within us and how much love we have given to others. To access this love, be still for a few minutes and let it rise to the surface to help you and heal you and nurture you. It is always there, like oxygen in the sky and the ocean xoxoxo