Returning to You ~ 2018 Retreat


Are you ready to reconnect with your authentic self, your true essence, the soul you have always been on the inside and to which you desire to return?

Perhaps you have not made time in years for yourself, getting back to doing activities you love, living with joy and passion, meaning and purpose and experiencing a beautiful peace within? Maybe you have even forgotten what that feels like…

Perhaps you have been so busy serving others and attending to their needs that you have neglected making time for yourself and healing what needs to be healed within you so you can move forward and live free of the energetic blockages which have been holding you back from realising your true potential?

Perhaps you have suffered a trauma of some kind, a loss, a disillusionment with life, a fracturing of your journey in which you have simply had enough of living and feeling this way and are experiencing a desire to return to the essence of you, to reconnect with your true spirit within, to release and heal what has been broken and to begin life anew again – or at least commence a way of moving forward and living in a healthier and much brighter light?

Wherever you find yourself at this time of your life, regardless of the crossroads to which you have arrived and how you got here, this week is designed for you to go within and relax, to let go of the painful past and fears and bring healing to present situations by reconnecting with your intuition, your higher self, your authentic voice within.

This 6-Day, 5-Night Intensive Healing and Personal Transformation Retreat will be held at Sangsurya, Byron Bay’s inspiring and transformational retreat centre set in the rainforest overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This event has been brought together by Michael to help you to safely return full circle to the essence of yourself, to empower you to draw upon all of your strength from within to move ahead and live a healthy, inspired, joyful and creative life.

Based on Michael’s upcoming book Returning to You this week includes a structured 6-Day programme of specialised workshops, meditations and individual intuitive exercises to help you on your personal healing journey and strengthen your spiritual connections with your higher self and your true soul nature. The week involves group work and personal time, exercises to help you connect strongly with your higher self and spiritual guides and even some meditations to help you to draw on the wisdom and guidance of loved ones on the other side. You will go on an empowering personal healing journey where you will learn to effortlessly shift into a space within yourself where you can make healthy, clear choices and communicate freely from your heart with those around you from this day forward. The Returning to You 2018 Retreat assists you to move beyond blockages and fears so you may completely step back into your light, strength and greatness and move forward radiating freely your beautiful spirit within.

Enjoy this creative reconnection with yourself and experience:
* Healing meditations in nurturing, peaceful surroundings

* Progressive relaxation and awareness techniques

* Individual reflections and exercises

* Group workshops on healing, strengthening and inner guidance

* Living your life authentically from the inside out

* Skills moving forward into an exciting new chapter of your life

* Local and organic delicious healthy food and so much more!

This retreat workshop is highly practical and is open to everyone.

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RETURNING TO YOU will be held from Saturday 25th August 2018 (12pm) to Thursday 30th August 2018 (12pm).

This 6-Day Retreat will be professionally catered by the wonderful Veet who has catered for Michael`s Byron Bay Retreats for the past 7 years with amazing flair, passion and naturally much enjoyment! All delicious, locally sourced, organic, gluten free plant-based meals will be provided for you over the six days at Sangsurya…and ***EVERYONE*** over the past 7 years has remarked how much Veet`s beautiful food is such a highlight for these transformational, life empowering retreats!

Please note you will need to make your own travel arrangements to and from Sangsurya. International guests are warmly welcomed to attend this week and the nearest airports for your flights are Ballina Domestic Airport (20 mins) and Coolangatta/Gold Coast International airport (50 mins). Airport transfer information can be found here.


This is an intimate retreat with a small class which will fill quickly. Please book early to avoid disappointment as Michael has created this intimate retreat so everyone will have personal attention and tuition over the six days. Please note that due to class size, registration is non-refundable or transferable once booked.

AUD$1999 SINGLE ROOM per person inclusive of Accommodation, Gourmet Catering and 6 Days 5 nights Workshop Tuition at Sangsurya

AUD$1798 TWIN ROOM per person inclusive of Accommodation, Gourmet Catering and 6 Days 5 nights Workshop Tuition at Sangsurya

To Register for RETURNING TO YOU please book using the ‘Book Now’ button above. If you would prefer to register over the phone please call Michelle on 0425 228 781.

We look forward to seeing you at RETURNING TO YOU in Byron Bay in 2018 for this rare opportunity to allow your heart centred awareness to guide your life from this moment forward. If you are ready to make a life change and reconnect with your spirit within this is the retreat for you!


“I wanted to THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity you presented to me by holding the mediumship intensive in Byron bay this year. I cannot explain to you how profoundly you and this workshop changed my life and opened so many doors for me. It has had such a wonderful impact on my working life, but more importantly my personal life. By merely stepping outside of my comfort zone (big time!!) in such a supportive and nurturing environment I have moved forward in leaps and bounds. So, THANK YOU personally and I thank your wonderful, beautiful and inspiring guides in spirit for allowing myself and others to have participated in such a unique and ‘life changing’ experience.” – Deanne

“Thank you Michael for an extraordinary week. It was quite a journey, at times quite challenging and a lot seemed to be addressed on many levels. I am left with an appreciation of the necessity to maintain one’s integrity by connecting to that which is of the purest and highest and most loving. I was struck by how much people changed as the week went on. By the end of the workshop you could literally see the light and love emanating through peoples faces. I also appreciated the manner in which you led and held the group, your integrity as a facilitator, your lack of ego involvement and of you maintaining a clear loving space. So thank you Michael!” – Rachel